Brand history

At the age of 18, Arthur Norman Kaplan (1928-1997) entered the family business, a jewellery store which his grandfather, Henry Balzham, established in Pretoria in 1889. It seems that Arthur was destined to inherit a passion for jewellery, one which stemmed all the way back from his great uncle, who was known to be the personal jeweller of Paul Kruger. After 15 years of learning the family business, Arthur Kaplan decided to open his own jewellery store. In 1973, he opened the first store in Pretoria and the Arthur Kaplan brand was born.

Over time Arthur Kaplan expanded the stores across South Africa. With the support of family employed in the business, Arthur quickly earned a reputation for personal service that has since become synonymous with the name. The Arthur Kaplan brand soon became renowned as a trusted destination for diamond engagement rings.

After 50 years in the business that he loved, and with a successful JSE listing behind him, Arthur Kaplan retired and sold the company that bears his name. The management team at Arthur Kaplan purchased the business in 2001 and steadfastly built the brand’s reputation for luxury merchandise. In 2014, the business was acquired by Taste Holdings, a JSE listed group who share the vision and passion of the Arthur Kaplan team. 

We have evolved the Arthur Kaplan brand over the last decade, with a vision of retaining our core values of personalised service and integrity, combined with a contemporary view on store design and a distinctive feminine jewellery design aesthetic. Our overall goal is to maintain lifelong relationships with our clients.

In 2004 Arthur Kaplan became a South African pioneer in jewellery store design and created a fresh luxury experience for aspirational clients, which included innovations in display and retail that have since become the standard for the local industry. This was the beginning of a continual focus on the store environment that continues to occupy us today.

Although the brand has always been known for jewellery, in 2008 Arthur Kaplan became the largest independent retailer of Swiss luxury watches in South Africa, after a concerted effort to expand our Swiss watch brand offering.

This success was followed by the launch of our bespoke Jewellery Engagement Collections. The engagement rings in this collection are a culmination of years of development with our clients and reflect on our heritage of timeless design, quality and exquisite attention to detail.

The release of our Engagement Collections inspired ideas for new jewellery pieces, and from 2010 a bouquet of exclusive diamond collections was developed. Each collection was created to celebrate an aspect of your life’s journey or to evoke and reflect a beautiful emotion.

We proudly present our Collections to you today.